The 6 laws of a BETTER LIFE

We live our lives out of a largely habitual set of values and beliefs. These form the guidelines for how we approach life.

The problem with most of our guidelines is that they limit the potential to create more satisfying lives. That satisfaction could come from building more of what is important to us in our life or more fully appreciating what we already have.

The 6 laws are guidelines for building a new kind of life, rewarding those who engage with them with a better life.


The law of

Much of our life is lived on a kind of autopilot. This limits the possibility of something new. We need to "wake up" from our habituality.


The law of

If we decide we want our life to be better somehow, then someone needs to take a stand for that; guess who?


The law of

What do you want more of and less of in your life? A better life has more of what is important to you in it.


The law of

The outcomes of life are paid for by capability. We can only create better outcomes with bigger capability. This capability is called Self Authorship.


The law of

No matter what we are trying to get better at, capability is always built the same way; with practice. More practice equals more capability.


The law of

Practice takes effort and the willingness to bear the discomfort of stretching beyond what we have previously done.

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