IDOJO is a digital gym for the mind.

We help you train your ability to build a better life.

The journey to a better life

What would you change about your life to make it better? And how confident are you to do that? That's what IDOJO is here to help you with.


The calling

A better life starts with whatever change you want in your life now.


The challenge

Making a change in our lives demands something new of us in return.


The insight

If we already had the capability, we would have already made the changes we wanted.


The offering

Like developing any capability, all it takes is know-how, well-timed support, and practice.

Your life is precious, so make it one you love!

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What change would make your life better?

Better habits

Is there a habit you'd like to change or build?

More relaxed

Do you want to feel more relaxed in your life?

Physical activity

Are you as active as you would like to be?

Feeling in control

Do you want to feel more in control of your life?

A new skill

Is there a skill you'd like to develop?

A body you love

Do you want to feel prouder of your body?

Side hustle

Are you trying to put aside consistent time for an important project?

Something else?

What do you want more of, or less of, in your life?

START NOW with whatever change you want in your life today. Our practice pays twice approach means you build both your capability, and a better life at the same time.

These 2 ideas could

Some ideas are like superpowers that seriously boost your potential.
IDOJO is based on 2 of these.



Small actions can make a big difference if you know which ones to use.

The 6 skills of Self Authorship

These are the only skills you need to build a better life. IDOJO will teach you and help you master them.



Like compounding interest, some results build on themselves and just get bigger and better over time.

Meaningful Practice pays twice

Practice builds capability, which enables better outcomes. IDOJO will show you how to harness this "virtuous cycle" in your life.






Building a better life is a muscle you can build. IDOJO supports you to build your Self Authoring capability and stay motivated with the help of its five supporting foundations.


Delivering a program of quick, bite-sized lessons that effortlessly introduce helpful concepts to up-skill your capability.


Meaningful Practice is key to building capability, and IDOJO helps you blend this into your life.


Our digital coach learns and adapts to your behaviour and delivers timely and personalised interactions to support you on your journey.


It takes a tribe to build a better life. Share your journey and get support from other people just like you.


IDOJO provides tools and support to help you track, reflect on, and improve your capability and "better life" outcomes.

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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

    1. You want a change in your life.
    2. You're committed to this.
    3. You've probably already tried before but have been frustrated with the outcome.
    4. You're looking for a fresh approach.
    5. You recognise your effort will be required, and you are ready to pay this price.
  • The name IDOJO is a combination of I and DOJO. DOJO is a Japanese term referring to a place for training in a discipline. This has traditionally been in martial arts but the term is also used in other fields. The I refers to "me" or my "self". Together, these two words stand for a place where people come together to build their Self Authoring capability.

  • It's easier to build capability when you're part of a group of people navigating the challenges together. IDOJO is a place where people support the development of one another's capability to build a better life.

  • Practice means building your capability through deliberate and consistent repetition. In IDOJO, we employ a specific type of practice we call "Meaningful Practice". The basis of Meaningful Practice is four simple ideas;

    1. Remember (and keep remembering) what is important to you.
    2. Make a choice about how you're going to make this happen.
    3. Do what you say you're going to do.
    4. Keep at it.

    It sounds so simple, but you'll know it's not if you've ever tried. IDOJO will help you build your capability to do this.

  • There are two ways of relating to life. We can relate as spectators where life is happening to us. Or we can relate as participants, where life is happening through us.

    Self Authorship is about relating as a "meaningful participant" in one's life. Meaningful in the sense that the life we are building is guided by what is important to us. And meaningful in the sense that we are the essential "author" of that process.

  • Reach out to our friendly Customer support team; they'd love to hear from you.

People are loving IDOJO

IDOJO is making a positive difference in people's lives.

"gives you so much to think about each day as you work to implement your new practice"


"Felt like I had a mentor keeping an eye on me but giving me "the why" behind I was going to have an off day and therefore provided the tools to see the practice in a different way"


"It made me think differently - more in depth - about the internal mechanisms behind a practice so that it wasn't just framed it terms of blunt force "will" or its absence."